Fiddler has joined the Telerik family

September 10th, 2012

To the Fiddler community--

When I began the Fiddler project in 2003, I had only modest ambitions-- I wanted to build a simple little utility to display traffic between a desktop application and a web service. This "little" side project went on to devour a huge percentage of my nights and weekends for the next nine years, racking up millions of downloads and developing a vibrant community of extension builders and enthusiasts. However, despite its huge impact, Fiddler has remained an informal side project--I've never been able to give it 100% of my focus.

Even still, my passion for building Fiddler has only grown over the years as I have watched the community adopt it and adapt it for use in scenarios I never even dreamed about. The HTTP and HTTPS protocols have become even more important in the last decade, and the ability to debug traffic on those protocols is now a "mission-critical" requirement for many software and web professionals. The number of services, scenarios, and devices using web protocols has exploded, and new protocols built atop these protocols (e.g. HTML5 Web Sockets) are now routinely devised. I have a clear vision of how Fiddler will continue to evolve and become an even more powerful utility in developers' toolboxes.

I'm delighted to announce that Telerik has acquired the Fiddler project. I will be joining the company to work on Fiddler full-time in order to deliver on my vision. With 100% of my attention and aided by an expanded development team, Fiddler and the Fiddler community will benefit in myriad ways. As a supported project in a successful tooling company, Fiddler will receive more investment in its first year than it's had throughout its entire history-- I have dozens of pages of plans for Fiddler that I've longed to implement but simply haven't had the time. The Fiddler website will be enhanced (retiring my 1999-era tag-soup!), and improved documentation will finally become available. Telerik has committed to keeping the Fiddler Web Debugger available for free.

I look forward to the opportunity to delight new and existing Fiddler users with the many improvements that we'll be building at Telerik.

To hear Telerik's take on this announcement, check out Chris' blog.

Thank you all for your support thus far--I look forward to this opportunity to serve you all even better in the future!