Treadmill woes... 4/5/2010 7:30:00 PM
My ProForm 540 has gone off to la-la-land. Only the "1" and "4" buttons work on its keypad. Google tells me that I'm the 3rd person to whine about this problem, but there's no clear indication of a fix. Sigh.

After disassembling the console, it’s clear that the problem is there’s a stuck line in the membrane keypad. I wasn’t able to surgically fix that, but I determined which of the 8 control lines was stuck and simply unplugged that one. So, now the 1 and 4 button don’t work at all, but all of the other buttons do—including the increase/decrease buttons, which allow me to easily get to 1 and 4 anyway.
The ProForm folks aren’t willing to replace/sell me just a membrane keypad—they will only sell a whole new console (>$300). Rats.
In fairness, doing a little bit of hardware hacking was sorta fun.
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Erin You can have my Nordictrack treadmill but the shipping might be a little high.

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