Six years 6/18/2007 10:29:00 AM
It's my Microsoft-birthday today.  Six years.  Bringing in a pound of chocolate per year is starting to get borderline ridiculous.  On the upside, I'm now accumulating vacation faster-- four weeks a year.

I'm sorta happy to be back in the office-- I've flown somewhere around 12K miles in the past month, and I was starting to miss my bed (and my cat!)  So far, no more summer plans before I go back to Jason's wedding in September.

I'll try to post some photos from Vegas, TechEd, and Maryland soon. 

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Jane It's my Seattle birthday today... One year since I moved to Seattle and left Canada.
D Congrats! Chris & I are approaching our 5th MS year on july 1st...perhaps him & I should split the M&M's?
???? Still waiting on the photot to be posted from Vegas, Maryland, TechEd

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