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[Satire] Pretty-Please Platform for Participating Publishers (P5P) specification

IEBlog - Selectively Filtering Content in Web Browsers
IEBlog - TLS and SSL in the real world
IEBlog - Update to Internet Explorer's Cookie Jar
IEBlog - Security tweaks in IE7
IEBlog - Powering up with Internet Explorer Extensibility
IEBlog - Windows Vista's RFC-compliant TLS Extensions - Can your server handle them
IEBlog - Internet Explorer 7 User Agent String
IEBlog - Accept-Language Header for Internet Explorer 7
IEBlog - A HTTP Detective Story by Eric Lawrence
IEBlog - IE8 Security Part I - NX Memory Protection
IEBlog - IE8 Security Part III- SmartScreen® Filter
IEBlog - IE8 Security Part V - Comprehensive Protection
IEBlog - IE8 Security Part VI - Beta 2 Update
IEBlog - IE8 Security Part VII - ClickJacking Defenses
IEBlog - IE8 Security Part IX - Anti-Malware protection with IE8's SmartScreen Filter
IEBlog - Developing Safer ActiveX Controls Using the Sitelock Template
IEBlog - Accept-Language Header for Internet Explorer 7
IEBlog - The Internet Explorer 8 User-Agent String (Updated Edition)
IEBlog - Sessions and IE8
Secure Coding with Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2
Fiddler PowerToy - Part 1: HTTP Debugging
Fiddler PowerToy - Part 2: HTTP Performance

MiX2011: The Devil Went Down to HTTP - Debugging with Fiddler
MiX2010: Advanced Web Debugging with Fiddler
Usenix2009: Designing Trustworthy User Agents for a Hostile Web
PDC2009: Become a Web Debugging Virtuoso with Fiddler
MiX2009: Securing Web Applications
IE8 FireStarter: Trustworthy Browsing
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