Heh... 1/1/2008 11:49:00 AM
Fiddler is apparently well-known enough to sell advertising.  :-)


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Eric These are the same guys that directly ripped off some Fiddler UI, making a typo in the process. http://www.ieinspector.com/httpanalyzer/images/hs_request_builder_l.gif
Rachel Grr...can you make your website stop counting?
Leila I also dislike the counting, but go up to the url window and erase the counting part, or the whole thing if you want to. it also makes a very messy history.
Dave If I have to pay for their product it must be superior in some fashion.
Rachel I erased the whole thing, but as soon as I click on something else on Eric's page it shows back up again...and it's been counting the whole time!
Leila When erase just the numbers the whole thing goes away for good :) but of course it may be secretly counting
Mary Not working for me either. I hadn't even looked at the url. With all the clicking noises I just assumed Eric's page had turned into a timebomb and was about to blow!
Eric It only makes history messy on Firefox. :-)

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