Zune 2.0 2/10/2008 9:13:00 PM
My new Zune 80 has crashed twice in the first hour of play.  Hmmm.  The sync software seems to have an infinite loop in it where it syncs the same files over and over and over and over and over... Sigh.  Can we do anything right?

Jane and I saw Defending the Caveman at the Kirkland Performing Arts Center on Friday.  Very funny, highly recommended.

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Dave I blame whatever crazy stuff you're trying to sync. I sync my MCE TV shows via podcast on a regular basis with no issues.
Anson Rach has had zero problems with hers - clearly user error :P
Brandon Anson, if the product is designed right, user error is impossible...
andrewb I love sweeping generalisations! If I drop my mobile phone and it stops working, is that a failure in the product design? If I place a pancake in my DVD player, is it bad product design that means it stops working? I would suggest in both cases its a result of user error.
Eric Mmmm.... pancakes!
andrewb Ah now we know why the zune crashed. Its not pancake compatible!
tariq get an iphone...
andrewb Yes, the iphone is fully pancake compatible. I believe it also handles bacon and eggs.

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