March stats and more 4/1/2007 7:13:00 PM
Fiddler in March: 27000+ installations and 268,000+ boots.  The word is spreading.  :-)

SlickRun in March: 5000+ installs, after the first updates in years.

Venkat and I spent Friday in Texas working with IE's support team.  Dallas in March is actually pretty nice, if you manage to dodge the tornadoes.  :-)  Everything is bigger in Texas-- the roads are huge, the street signs are massive, and even my $19 rental car was a Ford Edge SUV. 

Jane and I made it to the gym again this morning... three Sundays in a row!  Of course, I'm not doing much more than jogging/running yet, but hopefully once my cardio's a bit healthier, I'll be inspired to branch out.

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Leila Aw I heard you couldn't arrange your flight to visit Austin on the weekend? i didn't like dallas much when i was there for a conference, very smogy like LA. we're smaller than dallas :)
Eric Yeah, the price to go from Dallas to Austin was like $400 more, and even just taking two extra days and driving would have cost $250 more. So, I'll just fly down for a weekend at some point instead?
Leila Oh :( I thought it was a time issue because we could've driven up there :) yeah hopefully you can come down sometime :)

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