Eric cooks, fire department not required! 4/16/2007 10:24:00 AM
Happy 25th to Jane!

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andrewb Happy Birthday Jane, and congratulations to Eric on some impressive cooking!
Chris יום הולדת שמח
Chris Yom Huledet Same'ach!
Eric Unicode comments are “fixed”!
Leila Heyyyy I just turned 25 too, what day is her birthday?
Jane Happy Birthday Leila :) My birthday is on April 14th, what's yours?
Erin Happy Birthday Leila & Jane My b-day is on April 26th!!!!
Jane April Birthdays rule! :)
Leila happy birthday jane and erin :) Mine is the 11th :) it falls on easter sometimes, yours must too?
andrewb Apparently all the cool kids have their birthdays in april.
Mom Not quite all! June 11, June 30, and Sept.14 blow Andrew's theory! :-)
Erin Who has the Sept. 14th birthday?
Erin: Duh! Jays birthday! But men don't count. This is for cool woman who have birthdays in April.
andrewb and me! :P

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