Busy Weekend 4/9/2007 10:05:00 AM
Jane's friends were in town for her birthday, and we had a very busy weekend.  She showed them around Seattle on Friday, and we all got up early on Saturday to go hiking at Wallace Falls, about an hour north of home.  Anthony, Terrace, Victoria, Jane, and I went up to the upper falls; it was a pretty easy hike, but at a good level for us.  We took a ton of pictures, although I managed to stay out of most of them with my hat-hair.  :-)

After dinner, the five of us went to Seattle for dinner, drinks, and dancing, joined by Dave, Sarah, Leah, Amar, Mike, Kristen, Jen and Irena.  It was quite a party!  :-)

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Jane You misspelled a few names (Terris and Irina), but overall a pretty nice summary. :)
Eric Canadians!
Jane Apparently, Americans are the ones that can’t spell! :-P
Mary Jane is SO cute! And you look so happy! I haven't met her, but I like her. :)
Rachel Dancing? =-)

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