Shootings... 5/21/2007 9:17:00 AM
I went to the Microsoft Studio for the first time this morning. It's one of the few buildings on campus where your badge alone isn't enough to get you in.  I had a quick little photo shoot for an internal award Fiddler is a finalist for, on a large all-white soundstage.  It was pretty cool, although over in just a few minutes.  Apparently, Billg was there earlier this morning for a live segment on the Today show, but there was no sign of him around...

The photographer was good... Halfway through the shoot, she said "So, you're just a one-man show?" (most of these awards are for groups) to which I replied "Yeah," and she retorted "I guess that makes it easy to get along with your team!"  I think she was just going for a natural smile and laugh, but she got it. 

Alas, the fun is over and it's back to the grindstone... my PowerPoint deck for TechEd 2007 is due at 5pm and I'm severely behind.

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leila you probably already know your page loads a lot slower because of twitter?
Eric Which browser? The Twitter script is behind a DEFER=TRUE, so it shouldn't actually impact loading of the main content body anymore...
Eric I learned today that current versions of Firefox still block while downloading DEFER'd scripts. Upgrade to IE for better performance. :-)
leila "upgrade"? ;) I did upgrade to firefox2 :)
Eric Ah, but if you upgrade to IE, you'll get better performance. :-)
Leila Websites should perform well on all browsers :) sorry, until firefox crashes on me/messes up i won't be using IE. even after that annoying runonce page with the new IE was resolved i still want to be able to put my bookmarks in any order i want, not alphabetical.

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