It's all about context... 5/5/2007 3:30:00 PM
I never expected that I'd be delighted to hear someone tell me: "You've got the teeth of a twelve year-old boy."  Of course, at the dentist this afternoon, there was pretty much nothing I could be happier to hear.  :-D  

The dentist pulled his assistant in saying "Check out these amazing virgin teeth!" which made me a bit uncomfortable, but hey, it's better than him calling up his financial planner to announce he'd just hit the jackpot.  :-)  After the x-rays, I had my teeth cleaned with a "Cavitron" a new ultrasonic doodad that replaces the old cleaning method.  I gotta say, my teeth feel freaky clean.

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ERIN So how do you get your brother to go to the dentist before he loses all of his teeth before the wedding??? He hasn't been since he had temp. teeth a couple of years ago!!!! HE needs a new set of dentures before the wedding, please help...gummey the dummey.

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