US Mail 6/20/2011 8:47:00 AM

I went to the Post Office this morning to send a package.


So, I wait patiently for fifteen minutes or so, filling out one of the two types of customs form (neither of which indicates why you’d choose one over the other) and wait for the lone service person to get through the 5 people in line before me. I finally get to the counter and hand over my parcel.


Ground to Canada please,” I say.


We don’t send to Canada” she says, pushing the box back across the counter to me and looking over my shoulder for the next customer.


You can imagine the incredulous look on my face. “You don’t send mail to Canada.” I repeated.


“No.” was the terse reply.


“Since when?” I sputtered.


“Today.” she replied.


I stood there dumbly. She saw that I wasn’t going anywhere, so she offered “They on strike.”


Ah. Sigh.

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