Progress... 6/25/2007 3:00:00 AM
I saw a 100 gig hard drive in Staples this morning.  It was new in box, name brand, and $9.50.  Of course I picked it up (a steal) but ended up putting it back before I checked out... I was sorta depressed to realize that with my myriad machines scattered around the house and office, I'll never really need a 100 gig drive.  If I ever need to crack one of these machines open, I'll probably drop a TB or so in. 
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Leila I would be careful with discounted name brand harddrives as they are probably an older generation that will no longer be produced and probably only have a 1 year warranty. what is your favorite brand? every single harddrive i have owned has broken except for the one that was stolen.
Eric That's a fair point, Leila.
Leila What kind of backup system do you use?
Eric I've got an external 320gig drive, and a mirroring RAID array as the primary drive. I back up my source remotely on a network drive and my web server.

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