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This message is from the Database Information Technology service messaging center, to all our e-mail account holders. All Mailhub systems will undergo regularly scheduled maintenance. Access to your mailbox via our mail portal will be unavailable for some period of time during this maintenanceperiod.


We shall be carrying out service maintenance on our database and e-mail accountcenter for better online services. We are deleting all unusede-mail accounts to create more space for new accounts.


In order to ensure you do not experience service interruptions/possible deactivation Please you must reply to this email immediately confirming your email account details below for confirmation/identification.


1. First Name & Last Name: 

2. Full Login Email Address: 

3. Username & Password:

4. Confirm your Current Password:


Failure to do this may automatically render your e-mail account deactivated from our emaildatabase/mailserver. to enable us upgrade your email account, please do reply to this mail.


Upgrade Team

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