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ANZ {{Loyal|Valued}} Customer Security: A-Z Review

{{As part of|Due to|Regarding our latest additions to}} our {{security|protection}} measures, we {{regularly|often}} {{screen|monitor}} activity on the ANZ.COM Online Banking system.
{{One or more|Multiple|Some|}} issues with your {{previous|recent|last 1-10}} transactions have {{caused|resulted in|created}} a {{lock-out|hold}} of your {{funds|account(s)}}. To {[remove|lift|appease}} this and {{allow|gain}} access to your online banking funds and personal information, {{we|ANZ}} must verify you as the {{owner|rightful owner|holder|rightful holder}} of this account.

To {{restore|regain|restore access to|regain access to}} {{your account|your information}}, please sign-in to online banking using the link below.

Please note: If {{we do|our company does|ANZ does}} not receive the {{appropriate|correct|requested}} account verification within {{48|24|36}} hours, {{then we will assume|we will be forced to believe|ANZ will acknowledge}} this bank account is fraudulent and will be {{suspended|terminated|permanently held}}. The purpose of this {{verification|request}} is to ensure that your {{bank account|banking information|account|information}} has not been fraudulently used; we live in your world and {{we are|ANZ is}} {{fervently|ardently|wholeheartedly}} committed to the {{protection|security|safety}} of our {{loyal|respected|devoted}} customers and community.

Sign-In to Online Banking -- to {{ensure|preserve}} your {{safety|security}}, please only use this link.

Security Advisor
Remember, ANZ is committed to your security and protection. To find out more, take a look at our Security and Privacy statement on the website. Australia and New Zealand Bank. "We Live In Your World."

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