Logbook - Rest in Peace 8/6/2007 8:37:00 PM
Though I really loved it, Bayden Logbook never shipped publicly, and had only one or two other users.  I never had the time to invest in it, and it was written when I was frighteningly new to proper coding practices. 

Earlier this week, I was happy to have discovered "The Journal" from DavidRM Software.  It's quite similar to Logbook, although much more powerful.  Fortunately, it offers a smart "import" feature so I was able to utilize to import my 800+ Logbook entries directly. 

Let's just see if I can make time to start writing again... I was pretty good about writing daily in high school, and okay in college, but I haven't written much at all since I entered the real world...

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Dave Its like a blog except no one reads it...
Eric You crazy kids, publishing your diaries all over the interweb for the neighbors to see. What are you thinking?!

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